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Mrs. Gardner
Mrs. Gardner

Montclair Library/ Innovation Center

Accelerated Reader

Our Library/Innovation Center Library, supports the Accelerated Reader (AR) reading program.  AR is a web-based computer program, which provides students with reading practice and assesses their reading comprehension.  There are three steps to using AR.  First students read an AR book.  Second, the students take an AR reading practice quiz.  Third, the students receive immediate feedback with test results and the teacher receives information intended to assist, motivate and monitor student’s growth.


AR progress can be monitored from home using the AR Home Connect Web Site.

         Home Connect

Use AR Book Finder to see if your books are AR books.

AR BookFinder

Information Literacy

Information Literacy is not a course of study to be covered at one specific time in the curriculum.  It is a process that is initiated with the student’s first introduction to the Media/Innovation Center Library and continues through adulthood.  Students develop information literacy skills most effectively through some meaningful experiences rather than through arbitrarily scheduled or isolated exercises taught at a fixed time.  The information literacy activities provided by the library media program must be designed to connect with the needs and interests generated by classroom assignments.  Collaboration between teachers and library media specialist is essential.  (Information Literacy: Florida’s Library Media/Curriculum Connections)